On May 26 2023 World Aperitivo Day 

returns for its second edition!


Celebrate the first international festivity devoted to one of Italy’s oldest and most iconic rituals, with events planned across the Peninsula and the very first edition of Aperitivo Festival, scheduled from May 26th to 28th in Milan.

Launched in 2022 by MWW Group, World Aperitivo Day was created to globally promote this Italian custom practiced from North to South across the Peninsula, and to protect the values of Italian-made quality products through the first Aperitivo Manifesto: a 10-point set of rules endorsed by relevant institutions, companies, Consortia and celebrated ambassadors. Among the rules listed, there are 2 cornerstone principles for making a true Aperitivo – one with a capital A! The importance of the pairing – for which at Aperitivo there is no Beverage without Food – and that of using at least 50% Italian ingredients. Are you curious to try a proper Aperitivo? Next May 26th, 2023, on the occasion of the second edition of World Aperitivo Day, hundreds of participating establishments all over Italy will be serving up their own interpretation of the Aperitivo, while Carrefour stores nation-wide will offer special promotions on the ingredients needed to create many tasty Aperitivo recipes. Follow the rules of the Manifesto to make your perfect Aperitivo or visit one of the participating venues across Italy to discover a multitude of artfully created pairings, and share them on social media with the hashtag #WorldAperitivoDay! Will you be in Milan from May 26 to 28? An unforgettable experience awaits you at Aperitivo Festival, the first event celebrating Aperitivo as a symbol of the Italian lifestyle. 3 days of events scheduled in one of the trendiest districts of the city, 1 experiential itinerary with 20 stations dedicated to the best Food and Beverage pairings, and a program full of masterclasses, talks and workshops, performances, exhibitions.




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